Polyester Labels Overview

Polyester is a kind of polymer (molecule) that people use to make excellent, durable polyester labels. It can be natural or synthetic, biodegradable or not, and the most commonly used polyester is polyethylene terephthalate, better … Read more


Polyester Labels Features and Advantages

Polyester Labels Features Polyester is considered a strong, resistant material, so using polyester labels is especially recommended in applications where labels are to be exposed to harsh conditions. Polyester labels are able to withstand extreme … Read more


Polyester Label Adhesives

To make the most suitable label for your application, you need to match the polyester facestock with an appropriate adhesive: Permanent Removable / repositionable Non – adhesive Polyester labels most often come with permanent acrylic self … Read more

Most Common Polyester Labels

Most Common Polyester Labels

When deciding on a label, the most important factors are the conditions labels will be exposed to and the cost of their production. When selecting a polyester label, you should be well aware of the … Read more