Polyester Labels Color Options And Printing Styles

Polyester labels are usually white, silver or gold and glossy, though they can be any color you desire (depending on what the printing press offers). Manufacturers use silver or gold polyester foils when they want their products to look elegant, to have a high-end appeal.

Clear polyester labels are becoming more popular, especially in beverage or cosmetics industry. These labels provide a classy “no-label look” that allows the products to be seen through the label information.

Pre-printed polyester labels can be printed on any industrial printer: offset, flexo, screen, etc, but you should carefully consider the type of printer for printing variable data (barcodes, or any information the users print to customize their label).

Printing style of variable data on a polyester label often determines the level of the label’s durability. Thermal transfer printers, for example, are good for achieving excellent, smudge-free printed images and are the best solution for barcode labels. Laser printing ensures smooth, glossy surfaces and excellent ink performance. Inkjet printing is perfect for pressure-sensitive adhesive graphics.

When deciding on a polyester label printing technique or color, it is the best to consult a printing expert on the most convenient option for that particular application.