Polyester Labels Features and Advantages

Polyester Labels Features

Polyester is considered a strong, resistant material, so using polyester labels is especially recommended in applications where labels are to be exposed to harsh conditions. Polyester labels are able to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight. They are waterproof, durable and very long-lasting.

Not all polyester labels are the same. Their durability, look and performance depends on many other elements such as polyester label adhesive, printing technique and finish. Depending on a label application, adhesive can be removable (used for temporary identification) or permanent (used for one-time application). Polyester labels can be printed on thermal transfer or laser printers. At Polyesterlabels.org, we offer finest quality weatherproof polyester laser labels. 

Label lamination is also an important part in producing durable, water and scratch resistant labels. It is a protective film that adds to the label quality, durability and overall look. Some of the most common label laminates are gloss, semi-gloss, matte or custom.

Blank Polyester Labels vs Custom Labels

Blank polyester labels are very popular among small businesses that need professional looking and moisture proof labels for various applications. They are printed on sheets and come in different dimensions, with or without coating. You can order blank polyester labels directly on our website and choose the size and label material you need. In addition to blank labels we also offer custom polyester labels printing, tailored to your specific needs and at a competitive price. Our high quality custom polyester  labels come in a range of sizes, shapes and adhesives and are pre-printed with your business and product information, logo, barcode, etc. 

Polyester Labels Advantages


Polyester labels are certainly the most durable among all label types. They are useful in many industrial, agricultural and medical applications where the labels are exposed to rough indoor and outdoor conditions. Polyester labels can withstand exposure to heat, cold, liquids and chemicals. When printed on a permanent adhesive and laminated, polyester labels can last for years without being damaged.


Polyester labels are very functional and designed for a variety of applications, due to their durability. As mentioned before, they are most often used in industrial settings as well as medical. Polyester labels are frequently applied as lab labels, barcode labels, warning labels, drum labels etc. Depending on the intended use, polyester labels come in different sizes and printing styles.


What makes polyester labels cost-effective is the fact that, unlike paper, polyester is such a versatile and durable material. By investing in these types of labels, you are ensuring that the labels will last for a long time before they need to be replaced, hence you are saving money in the long run.

Polyester labels vs Vinyl labels

Both polyester labels and vinyl labels are made of tough materials. Although often interchangeable, these two types of labels still have some differences. Vinyl labels are a great choice to use in outdoor conditions because of their excellent durability and resistance to moisture. On the downside, vinyl has low tolerance to extreme temperatures, unlike polyester that can withstand high heat and very low temperatures. Vinyl labels are most popular in the marine industry as labels for tenders and boats, asset tracking, inventory control etc. 

Most efficient vinyl labels are those printed in laser technology and they are commonly known as vinyl laser labels.

Polyester labels are a safe bet in all other circumstances where harsh indoor and outdoor conditions are expected.

If you are still not sure which label to choose for your company’s needs, contact us today and let our team of experts help you make the right decision. We look forward to hearing from you and fulfilling any type of label printing job you require.