Polyester Label Adhesives

To make the most suitable label for your application, you need to match the polyester facestock with an appropriate adhesive:

  • Permanent
  • Removable / repositionable
  • Non – adhesive

Polyester labels most often come with permanent acrylic self – pressure adhesive with high initial tack and strong bond. These labels aggressively adhere to their applications and cannot be taken off. Permanent labels easily adhere to all kinds of surfaces: metal, plastic, wood, corrugated, rough, oily, textured, etc. If used for applications that are exposed to freezing conditions, you need a freezer grade adhesive label.

Another frequently used type of self-pressure label is a removable or repositionable label, which also has a strong bond but can be peeled off without leaving any marks on the surface of the application.

You also have a choice of using a non – adhesive label, which can be attached, inserted, or connected with the label in some other ways. One of the examples of non-adhesive labels is a static – cling label which uses electricity to stick to (mostly glass) surfaces. These labels are often used on glass doors or windows, where their face side “sticks” to the application.